Entering an event can be confusing but you’ll soon get the hang of it!!

Most important is that you don’t miss ballot dates.  Always enter beforehand.  Once an event is full, entries are closed & you can only get in to the event via a wait list which may or may not be possible.
If the event has loads of entries, then you could find that you get balloted (there are rules about who gets chosen for ballot, which you will find in the rule book – Rule   If you are balloted, you may be offered a place on the wait list.  You can come off this at any time but if you stay on, you will be offered a place only if one becomes free.  Confusingly, it’s not always absolutely clear what position you are on the list.  Sometimes another competitor may occupy a space on more than one list.  If they get offered a place, they’ll come off all the lists, allowing you up it!  (That is as clear as mud!)
The entries secretary will keep the waiting lists updated, so you just have to continue to check on the internet to see where you are.  When a space becomes available, you should get a phone call asking if you still want to compete.
If you are very keen to go to a particular event, before the ballot date, have a look to see if it has balloted in the past.  If this is the case or the entries are getting very full, use your ballot number (or even your Super Ballot Number) when you enter.  This will give you priority over competitors that haven’t used numbers.
Each number is for a specific period.  You get 1 number per period, which can only be use once, during that period.  You also get 2 Super Ballot Numbers per season.
If you are really unlucky & get balloted even though you used a number, you will be awarded a Super Number.
You can sometimes enter a waitlist if you have missed the event closing or you have been balloted but these lists are only able to take limited numbers.

Bottom line

  • Enter early
  • Use a ballot number if it’s important to go to a particular event
  • If you are balloted, try to enter the waitlist

Hope this helps.  Actually not many events ballot but it’s usually the early ones, which doesn’t help you when you’re trying to get used to a new thing.

If you need more advice, contact beoasecretary@gmail.com.  We won’t be able to get you into an event but may be able to help you for the future