Bullet Points BEOA Committee Meeting 29th September 2020

BEOA Committee Meeting Bullet Points       
29th September 2020

Communications – Jan & other members of the committee continue to attend several regular meetings to discuss issues such as IT, Fixtures, Sport etc.

Forthcoming Elections – All Organisers are encouraged to use their votes in the elections that will be coming up at the end of November, to find a new BE Board Director.

BEOA Chairmanship & Committee – Jan will be stepping down as Chair of BEOA.  All committee members are being asked if they wish to continue their involvement with the committee.  Please contact beoasecretary@gmail.com if you would like to become more involved with your association

Prize Money – The cost of running with Covid precautions, was very much an unknown quantity when we resumed sport.  The protocol allowed for additional expense and a reduction in income for events.  Amongst other things, the awarding of prize money became optional.  When events are full and prizes are not given, this has become unpopular with our members.  Organisers are encouraged to award prize money where they are able.

Stationery – This continues to be discussed.  BE are saying each event must pay for its own stationery in the future.  We are negotiating the terms of this proposal and as yet, have not reached an agreement.

IT – Problems continue but Miranda Collett’s Eventing Scores is proving invaluable.  Work is constantly being undertaken to improve the current situation with EARS.  Some progress is being made.  The IT Task Force (Organiser Representatives – Simon Bates & Martin Johnston) is working hard and reaching the end of its first phase.

Guidelines for Running an Event During Covid – With your help, we would like to collate some helpful hints or answers to FAQ’s.  Please send us any of your suggestions & thoughts.